Over a decade ago our team made its mark within the American SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) manufacturing industry by successfully expanding the emerging American SPF business over to major parts of Europe and Asia. Today we manage some of the largest overseas distribution channels along with the fleet of international contractors dedicated to professional installations of top quality American-made SPF.

Currently we serve: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russian Federation and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Pending further testing and laboratory approvals we constantly review new areas of opportunities.

Our international customers who recognize the advancements in American chemistry expect only best in quality, safety and reliability before inviting us into their homes or businesses. For many ‘made in USA’ further reassures them of their choice of SPF inside the family home or property being safe and technologically up to date. Aware of the SPF history and its extensive use inside American homes and commercial real estate our customers gain comfort despite of the SPF only recently becoming available on their local level.

Presenting a higher standard of performance we introduce HYDROCEAL 500 – a greener alternative to petroleum-based insulation products. HYDROCEAL 500 is a an open cell suspended sucrose-based (sugar-based) SPF. Maximized finished foam BIO-based content and renewability, 100% water blown (NO USE of chemical blowing agents), VOC and formaldehyde FREE make HYDROCEAL 500 a greener alternative to petroleum-based insulation products.

HydroCeal 500 – health safety and enviroment

  • suspended sucrose-based (sugar-based) open cell SPF
  • greener alternative to petroleum-based insulation products
  • maximized finished foam BIO-based content and renewability
  • 100% H2O blown, NO USE of chemical blowing agents
  • DOES NOT contain: CYCLOPENTANE, 141B, CFSs, HCFCs, C-PentaBDE, CH2O
  • 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) within 48hrs
  • health and environment friendly home and building insulation

HydroCeal 500 – FUNCTION

  • odorless and low air pollution with good visibility during install
  • antimicrobial and preventing mold
  • maximized energy efficiency, optimized air seal, controls fresh air, mechanical air not required
  • excellent thermal and sound barrier


  • class I fire rating
  • 120:1 fast speed, ‘dry’ and even spray, per set 1500 ft3 (18,000 bd. ft.)
  • zero food value for rodents and insects
  • weigh net A-550 lbs, B-500 lbs
  • Professional Use Only

American Polyurethane Distributors offers a real and substantial competitive edge to all four major groups essential for SPF becoming the #1 choice of insulation in the U.S. by 2017 and the rest of the world by 2021.

International builders: top quality high performance insulation outlasting your investment
International contractors: world-class SPF-components. Quality and price-to-yield advantage.
International wholesalers: 100% stock capacity, price-to-yield and strategic advantage
American manufacturers: local testing, approvals and distribution, zero investment, zero risk

Buyers: we offer exclusive partnership agreements
Suppliers: proprietary and private labels

Please contact our office of management and international sales:

USA: Toll Free (+1) 888-NOW-FOAM (888-669-3626)
EUROPE: (+48) 881 911 999
RUSSIA & CIS: (+78) 12 332 1617